Birra Menabrea renews its participation in the International Alba White Truffle Fair

Birra Menabrea of Biella, Italy renews its participation in the International Alba White Truffle Fair with a special edition bottle dedicated to the event.

Founded in 1846, Menabrea is the oldest active brewery in Italy is for the third consecutive year a partner of the Fair, which has reached its 90th anniversary.

On the occasion of one of the main gastronomic showcases dedicated truffles, Birra Menabrea dedicates a bottle to the theme "AROUND THE WORLD IN 90 YEARS" which is a guide to  the 2020 edition of the Fair.

In the illustration, the tuber “Magnatum Pico” is depicted as a globe demonstrating its journey, "going far and wide", to become one of the most important products of haute cuisine in the world.

The Menabrea special edition is distributed in the usual points of sale in the area.

Quality, tradition and culture are the strength of Birra Menabrea. A beer loved by connoisseurs that has been winning  international awards for 174 years. A success  that can be attributed to  the quality of Biella's waters, in the choice of hops, yeast strains, malt and certainly in the passion of Menabrea’s master brewer and all those involved in the process, from the initial brewing  to bottling.


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